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Chin Leong Choy was appointed to the Board of Directors of MRB as Executive Director on 21 January 2010. He was re-designated as Group Executive Director on 6 March 2013. He is also a member of the Investment Committee of the Company.

He received his Master in Business Administration (General Management) from Stichting Euregio University College, Belgium and Master in Business Administration (Property Management) from Tbilisi Teaching University Gorgasali, Georgia. He is a registered Shot-Firer with the Jabatan Mineral and Geosains Malaysia.

In 2003, he joined Minetech Construction Sdn Bhd, in-charge of control blasting and infrastructure work. He then transferred to Minetech Quarries Sdn Bhd as Sales Executive in 2005 and Planning & Development Executive of K.S. Chin Minerals Sdn Bhd in 2006. During his tenure between 2007 to 2009, he was the Personal Assistant to Executive Chairman of MRB.

As the Group Executive Director of the Company, he is responsible for the overall performance and management of various companies in MRB Group, business expansion and ensuring that all business goals are achieved.

Other than MRB, he is not a director of any other public company and listed issuer. He sits on the boards of several private limited companies.

He has no conflict of interest with the MRB Group.

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