Minetech Asphalt Man International Sdn Bhd (“MAMI”), a subsidiary of Minetech Resources Berhad, was established in 2008 with the production and distribution of Blown Bitumen, Bitumen Based Coating Enamel, Bituminous Emulsion and other bituminous-chemical products. With our experience and knowledge combined with advanced manufacturing technology from Korea, the company is today one of the leading manufacturers of high quality bitumen products for all industries from pipeline sector to waterproofing, automotive, electrical and road construction. Current products available are:

Bitumen Based Coating Enamel

Bitumen Based Coating Enamel
(Based on standards BS EN 10300:2005 and BS 4147:1980)

  • Widely used for coating of mild steel water pipes.
  • The enamel is a very versatile material that adheres well to metal surfaces.
  • It is impact-resistant, and does not impart any odour to water.
  • Non-conductive.
  • Available in BS EN 10300:2005 and BS 4147:1980 standards.
  • Available in 160kg cakes, 25kg/40kg paper bags

Blown / Oxidized Bitumen (BS 3690:1989)
  • A durable, water resistant, flexible and chemically stable material. Widely used as
    • An anti-slip compound in the piling industry.
    • Sound dampening felts.
    • Under- carriage sealant in the automobile industry.
    • Roofing felts.
    • Electrical cable protection.
    • Bituminous mastic for oil and gas pipeline joints.
  • Available in grades:
    • 115/15, 10/20, 85/25, 80/90
  • Packaging
    • In paper bags of 25kg, 40kg each.

Bituminous Primer (BS 4147:1980 Type A Grade B)
  • A low viscosity bituminous solution.
  • Highly penetrative with good adhesion to most surfaces.
  • Available in 205 liter drums and in 25 liter jerrycans.

Synthetic Primer (BS 4147:1980)
  • A fast-drying primer.
  • Based on chlorinated rubber.
  • Applicable for both internal and external priming on steel pipes.
  • Widely used in the Oil and Gas industry for pipeline coating.
  • Available in 205 liters drums.

Coldmix / Patch N Go
  • Highly recommended for patching potholes and uneven level surfaces.
  • Cool mix road pavement product.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Available in 25kg bags.

Emulsion Bitumen
  • For road construction / paving application.
  • Available in grades K1-40, RS 1-K, and SS 1-K.
  • Available in 205 liter drums.

As an ISO9001:2015 Certified Company, we are supported by a team of committed key management and skilled technical personnel. The company possesses the capacity and technical know-how to support the industry, both locally in Malaysia and overseas. As a result of this acquired expertise, the company is in a position to offer its customers a service level & products quality that is second to none.
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